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Strength is a journey.

But you don't have to do it alone.

We're there with you
every step of the way.

Hyejung Cho

Before Strongirls, I had never been to the gym. I was a complete newbie, but decided to join the Strongirls Program because I wanted to start my journey with a trustworthy coach who was able to teach me how to lift properly and gain independence. Now I can squat over 100KG (On the first day I couldn’t even squat my bodyweight) and at work, I daydream about my training session. Never thought this day would come!

Soomin Lee

I’ve loved everything about working with Strong Girls. Coach Esther was always reachable and quick to give thorough feedback—she helped me increase my total by 40kg in just 4 months! On top of that, the supportive and tight-knit female lifting community constantly motivates me to perform my best. Can’t recommend Strong Girls enough.

Office worker

Because she has a background in physical therapy, Coach Saebyeol helps me manage pain or any tight spots that comes up through training.  She teaches you in detail how to release certain muscles. I’m a complete newbie, and she’s helped me get into strength training, and feel stronger than ever! Highly recommend her coaching.


Start your strength journey.

If not now, then when?

Strength for All Levels

Whether you are completely new to the gym or an athlete preparing for a competition, we personalize our training method to help you achieve your goal.

Train Smart before you Train Hard.

Good technique is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your body is unique and Coach Esther will make sure you learn to lift weights with the form and technique tailored just for you.

Based upon the Strongirls method, we provide individualized training for your specific goals.

Join a Strong community

There's no need to do this alone. Getting Strongirl coaching means you're a Strongirl for life.

Gain access to the exclusive community of females supporting each other to become the best versions of themselves.


It's time to become the person you always knew you could be.



Stay connected with Coach Esther via Strongirls Online coaching. With exclusive access to a feature packed application, never walk into a gym again without a clear and specific plan.

Personalised Programming

A program built just for you. Walk into the gym with confidence knowing your workout will be part of Coach's plan for you to get stronger.

Daily form checks and Weekly Video Feedback

Coach Esther will make sure you’re on track with detailed written feedback for every session, including at least 1x video feedback per week. Coach Esther will be monitoring every lift via uploaded lifts, and make adjustments to following workouts if needed.

Stay accountable and track everything

Consistency is the key to progress. Track every lift and let the graphs of your progress keep you motivated.


Exclusive 1:1 Coaching

One-point lesson (90 min)

150,000 won
  • Technique-focused sessions for specific lifts
  • Client chooses 1-2 lifts to focus on
  • Recommended for women with a bit of lifting experience

1:1 PT Sessions (60 min)

Packages starting from 10 sessions minimum
  • Discount on TrainTrue membership available
  • Online Feedback and Programming included
  • Schedule Priority, and 1 year expiry

Monthly Group Packages

Package A


8x 1:1 PT + 4x Group Class
1 month TrainTrue Membership (160,000 won value) + Training Program + Online Feedback + Strongirls App Access
Package B


6x 1:1 PT + 4x Group Class
1 month TrainTrue Membership (160,000 won value) + Training Program + Online Feedback + Strongirls App Access
Package C


4x 1:1 PT + 4x Group Class
1 month TrainTrue Membership (160,000 won value) + Training Program + Online Feedback + Strongirls App Access
TrainTrue 트레인트루
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(압구정역 5번출구에서 도보 1분)

11, Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


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